XVII Century book describing the coffee tree


What is the best coffee is a question we often hear. There is no one answer because so much depends on your tastes, on your mood, on the time of year (which determines which better coffees are available), on your preferred brewing method and so on. But you can actually learn which coffee is the best for you personally. With this in mind we started organising informal tasting sessions for friends, to guide them in their choice of coffee.

These events have grown into a workshop open for everyone, but it remains a relaxed gathering where the coffees themselves lead us on an uncharted journey. It is not about graphics and over-head projections but about a hands-on approach, getting stuck-in and tasting a huge amount of coffee.

Following the philosophy behind our blends, we have gone back to basics and the course concentrates on teaching how to recognise the six factors that affect the way we experience coffee. With this knowledge and with an understanding of how these factors influence the flavour of your cup of coffee you will be able to tell which coffee is the best coffee for you and you should always be able to identify it.

The cost of the workshop is £60 per person, which includes 250 gr of your favourite coffee to take home.  Please contact us for details: info@whitechapelcoffee.com