Great-grandfather''s small mechanical coffee sample roaster


 At Whitechapel Coffee Company we do not talk of blackberries dipped in rum-imbued chocolate or of a dense mouthfeel reminiscent of dark spicy prunes covered in cream. We long ago decided to keep things simpler and less confusing. The different varieties of coffee are generally available to most roasters but our skill lies in the expert blending of top-class coffees to create a product that is constantly better than its individual ingredients. Our blends have no far-fetched names and no pretentious descriptions. They are numbered and are graded on the basic characteristics of roast, aroma, body, acidity, flavour and aftertaste; all marked on a scale from one to ten. Furthermore we specify the ideal brewing method and list the individual coffees that make up the blend.

Our current blends are:



If you are interested in our coffees we strongly recommend that you get a good grinder. If however you cannot wait to taste our coffees we can grind them for you to suit the way you prefer to brew your coffee.