Great-grandfather and grandfather discuss Brazilian coffee.

The beginnings of Whitechapel Coffee Company lie in the sixties when as a young boy in Antwerp I first watched and smelled the magical alchemy of roasting coffee. My father was a coffee man and my parents had started to roast coffee for family and friends, thereby developing a roasting business. Many years later and after 25 years of personal experience in the coffee trade I started to do the same. From these beginnings Whitechapel Coffee Company has grown and we now supply freshly roasted coffee to a far larger number of friends and clients for catering, office or home use.

My family has always believed strongly in ethical trading; a deal was only a good deal when it was advantageous for all the parties involved. Thanks to this business principle my father still worked with the same farmers and exporters his grandfather started working with, cherishing relationships his father had strengthened further. I started work in a world where my family was highly respected for its loyalty and service to all its trading partners. Whitechapel Coffee Company operates in the same spirit of maintaining long-term mutually beneficial supply relationships.

For me the hours spent in the sample room and the physical contact with coffee always are the most satisfying part of being active in the coffee trade. Explaining the delights of a balanced cup of coffee to friends and sharing it with them comes a close second. An idyllic place to roast the coffee on a farm in Essex and a place for teaching in an inspiring East End Queen Anne house - reminiscent of an early coffee house - finally allowed me to join together all these elements and from the four corners of the world to bring good coffee home to Whitechapel.